Plastic Recycling
Access provides a specialized and certified plastic recycling service that is modern and safe. Our recycling facility enables Access to provide a service to agricultural customers that helps to maintain a healthy environment. Our plastic recycling service includes the following:


  • Access is currently under contract to collect and shred pesticide containers in Ontario and Quebec.

  • As a result, we can take on plastic recycling jobs for agricultural customers.

  • With our recycling system we can shred from 1 litre to 1000 litre tote drums which then go on to be used in the manufacturing of plastic fence posts, drain tiles, etc.

  • This recycling program reduces the number of plastic containers that end up in landfills or buried on farms.

  • All containers are tripled rinsed by the customer prior to pickup and shredded at our Dorchester and Regina locations.

  • Pricing for our recycling service for greater than 23 litres is available upon request.



Download Recycling Return Form(ONTARIO)
Download Recycling Return Form(QUEBEC)

Any site requesting the number of containers collected at their site please contact Murray Perry at

or phone 1-866-243-6444 Ext 6002